National Small Business Party

The Platform

According to a recent survey, small businesses agree that policymakers in general do not comprehend the issues impacting small business. This report found that small business owners are registered Republican but “overwhelmingly” (78%) will vote for the candidate who best serves the interests of small business regardless of the candidates’ party affiliations. Overall, this reports states that 70 million people in the United States “run or work” for small businesses which represents one in three of our voting population.1 While small business is often referred to as the backbone of our nation’s economy, Congress remains spineless in tackling our issues.

The National Small Business Party believes it can best provide a collective voice for those 78% of voters and the 70 million people engaged in owning and operating US small businesses. As the report further indicates, small businesses are more concerned with economic and fiscal issues and health care and tax reform versus national security and social issues. However, as a national political party, we weigh in more effectively on all subject matter issues and fight to instill a level of fairness tolerable to both small and large businesses and significantly reduce the negative impacts current regulation have on business owners, stakeholders, the workforce, and public policy in the United States.

We believe the three parties represented in Congress fail in helping small businesses and do not cultivate any passion to address our specific needs or truly know what they are. The voters whose viewpoints neither align with the Republican or Democratic National Platform agenda consider their political views as bipartisan and typically state their party affiliation as Independent. According to a CNN 2012 Study, 38% of Americans consider themselves as Independents. However, the New Independent Party Platform is remiss in specifically addressing issues impacting small business owners.

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